NOVEMBER 20, 2017

Bank of Memories is the world's first service for creating, storing and sending emotional content to the future. Integrated function of a Genealogical tree based on Blockchain technology.

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  • a feature

    Emotional messages

    Are the most "charged" content that will be saved from the moment of its creation and delivered to the specified user or to the message’s sender , unexpectedly or with a notification at precisely appointed time, - something that the user does not want or is not ready to transmit or show at the moment.

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    Genealogical tree

    Genealogical tree a profile that identifies relatives, accumulates information about a person and is a personal cell, stores information about the genus, available only to members of the genus.

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    Digital monument

    Digital monument is a special section of the Genealogical tree, in which the confirmed information about a person accumulates, which will become public after the death of a person in the form of a QR code. Emergency access to the cell is realized using the generic key.


  • a feature

    Bounty program

    Thousands of data providers around the world automatically update and update the database of leads, necessary for each business

  • a feature

    Virtual marketing

    Have not you found someone in the database, you need a specific search, or do you want others to look for you? Place the order, and for the SNOV tokens, data providers will compile the necessary contact list for you

  • a feature

    Social usefulness

    Already, the module for checking e-mail addresses with an accuracy of 98.5% filters out non-working addresses from our customers' mailing lists

  • a feature

    Product concept

    You will save valuable time for transferring data to other services - the module will help to connect with your leads, make newsletters and send out a conversation


  • a feature

    Data protection

    The basis of the Bank of Memories is the successful technical solutions of the project partner - company Security Services Group, which for more than 8 years working in the field of data protection. These solutions are used in the work of the service and the Kryptos application

  • a feature

    Decentralized database

    The database available through the Bank of Memories platform is completely decentralized and stores data from multiple space providers, which eliminates the threat of a single point of access to the data of any user

  • a feature


    Integration requires a high level of security - the goal is to achieve PCI DSS security (the industry standard for payment card industry) for proper certification PCI DSS - certification, widely used by banks and other financial institutions, which require strong audit and protection of information on identity


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  • a feature

    Andrey Melanchik

    CEO and Founder

  • a feature

    Shota Sigua

    CFO, Senator (The European Economic Senate, Brussels)

  • a feature

    Victor Goncharuk

    Mentor, Vice President of Acceleration (RACIB), UN expert

  • a feature

    Sergey Latansky

    Business Development,
    Investment, AI Analyst

  • Vitaliy Kovalenko

    UX Developer

    Alex Goncharuk

    Marketing consultant

  • Leonid Tsyupa


    Julia Ponomareva

    Head SMM Departament

  • Roman Grygoryshyn


    Yaroslav Mikhnenko


  • Aleksey Levsky


    Leonid Hass

    UX Developer

    Ivan Kondratenko


TEAM Metarhia

  • a feature

    Timur Shemsedinov

    World-class Big Data and computer engineering researcher. Author of Metahria – a cutting-edge Big Data analytics engine used by Chinese interactive TV channels.

  • a feature

    Mark Fedak

    Partner in Сhina

  • a feature

    Fiona Lee

    Media in China

  • a feature

    Anna Mochalova

    USA, New York CEOs, Executives, Crypto, IT professionals

  • a feature

    Hà Trọng Tiến

    Vietnam, Hanoi MrT.BTC

Advisor & Ambassadors

  • a feature

    Shariq Hashmi

    LISK Ecosystem - UAE Ambassador

  • a feature

    Anna Miron

    Ambassadors, World champion of Mr. & Mrs. Universe 2017


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  • Bank of Memories

    is the world's first service for creating,
    storing and sending emotional content to
    the future. Integrated function of
    a Genealogical tree.

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