CEO Bank of Memories – Melanchik Andrey:
“I’m a vice president of company that are trying to implement blockchain technology to common life of each person.
I’m not a technical specialist in blockchain, but I think that this conference will have a sufficiently large number of highly qualified specialists who will be able to clarify all the technical issues.
As for me, as the member of the project that deals with the socialization of blockchain technology and its application in such an important sphere of the Human Being as family, clan and heritage, they are more concerned with the issues related to the implementation of blockchain technology in the life and everyday life of each person.
Issues related to strengthening the relationship of people in the world, which is becoming increasingly technological and dissocialized.
Issues related to improving the social life of people, increasing the level of comfort and safety with the use of the latest technologies.
Therefore, we will talk about the role of blockchain from the position of application in the above areas of human life.
A huge problem now is the legacy of information, especially digital one.
There are no unified rules and principles that allow the transfer of digital assets, content or accounts of people who have passed away.
And blockchain allows to solve these problems most reliably, transparently and clearly.
I think there is no need to explain that blockchain is the most suitable technology for a reliable form of different registries, as a notary, land cadasters, ets.
I think these solutions are the factors that simplify the life of ordinary people, make it more comfortable and secure, freeing up time and resources for more important spheres – family, education, travel and communication with close people.
Applications of blockchain technology In the social sphere of human being
Catch the moment!

How and in what areas of our life is blockchain as technology making a revolution?
How does technology penetrate into everyday life by making it better, and why does blockchain as a technology resemble the human race?
To do this, we need to compare the principle of blockchain technology with the principle of the emergence of a new person ( as a DNA level)
The similarity is manifested in the fact that it is impossible to create a new block in a blockchain of blocks without using information that is contained in absolutely all previous blocks, up to the first one.
Likewise, the genetic code of the new person contains all the information, from all genus, transmitted genetically.
In a certain sense, the human family tree is a blockchain.
Leading experts in this industry noticed this feature.
It’s very cool that people almost immediately realized this feature, and understand the breadth of using blockchain to simplify many of the social spheres of a person’s life. It is necessary to open the eyes of a large part of the crypto community, which, unfortunately, is focused on the only speculative component of the crypto currency.
To date, the technology itself has not been fully understood, and I am sure that in the future this technology will find out usage, that we do not even guess at this stage of development.
The process of penetration of technology is visible in the context of those projects that are currently undergoing development stages from ICO to the launch of a real product with subsequent application in human life.
Over the past few years, more and more projects on the market simplify a person’s life and make it more secure.
We switched from assumptions to real actions.
Telling WE, I consider also all those projects that use blockchain, trying to make the life of mankind more comfortable.
In this area of human life, the detainee stretches out the hand of salvation, which will solve such problems as preservation and access to medical information, obtaining qualitative consultations, using Artificial Intelligence and the possibility of the most effective diagnosis in a short period.
In the future, in medicine, blockage can be used to make operational decisions. Accurate analysis and timely planned treatment can be a decisive factor in a person’s life, not to mention saving time and money that can be used more efficiently than visiting a doctor and finding medicines.
Insurance receives from blockers the opportunity to be more transparent avoiding the typical risks in the insurance industry that will increase confidence in this area of activity and simplify the decision-making process that will speed up insurance payments. The increased trust and simplification of the process will undoubtedly positively affect the financial component of this multi-melee market. Understanding all these leading corporations in the insurance market are already actively implementing the blocking technology in their activity. We can see it on the example of American International Group, Standard Chartered Bank and IBM are pioneers who, implementing the project with existing risks related to commercial insurance, to understand the technology’s ability blockchain to increase confidence and minimize the “friction” in other areas of insurance.
Blockchain in education opens completely new levels and opportunities for educational institutions and their students.
The technology of blockchain will make it possible to display in real time the demand for certain professions on the part of the employer, which in turn in the field of education makes it possible to train specialized specialists in those areas that are most in demand at a given time. Also having full access to the open information displayed in the detachment, it is possible to seek a job taking into account the wishes of the employer, to pass a course or training that will enable him to obtain the desired vacancy. Given the almost absolute security of the blockbuster technology from counterfeits, the popularity of Mass Open Online Courses (MOOC) is constantly growing, as they provide an opportunity to gain practical knowledge from anywhere in the world, and also have a lower cost of training. Based on the ability to combine individual courses into course blocks, you can offer different learning strategies for narrowly focused specialties.
Also,the blockchain allows standardizing the certificates and diplomas of universities and educational online portals, which in the future will allow them to be legalized for all countries of the world.
Charity and the possibility of instant transfers for those affected by natural disasters
In the field of charity, blockchain technology solves one of the biggest problems. It is the transparent distribution of collected funds. In addition, if the convenience of crypto currencies in raising funds for charitable purposes is not surprising and quite understandable, the distribution of funds is the most vulnerable point. The non-transparent and non-targeted distribution of funds causes the greatest distrust of people to the sphere of charity. Thus, the blocking system allows increasing the level of confidence in the organizations that make money, which will essentially increase the inflow of funds and allow them to transparently monitor their intended use.
The use of blockchain technology in political elections excludes the possibility of falsification of voting results and allows counting literally every vote of a voter. The united database of the electorate, thanks to the innovation, will become transparent, as never before and not a single vote of citizens will be lost. The transfer of the mechanism of vote counting into digital format promises great opportunities. Moreover, voters get the opportunity to vote without any territorial or time restrictions. In the future, this can lead to the abolition of the institution of polling stations and to allow saving significant amounts that are spent on printing bulletins and maintaining a huge staff of election commission employees at different levels. Creation of a voting system on the platform of blocking, to allow reducing almost to zero colossal administrative expenses. Each citizen will receive a special electronic online tag in the voting process. There will be a parallel creation of a perfect voter base together with the holding of elections.
Moreover, the citizens themselves will have the opportunity to see all the data on the election process and will be able to analyze the reasons for the victory or defeat of their favorite.
blockchain in this sphere of advertising will not only clean the market of scammers who often sell low-quality traffic but also increase the ability of creators of unique content to coin their traffic, a distributed database is used in agreements for smart contracts, through which money is automatically transferred as soon as all obligations are fulfilled shows. Decentralized advertising ecosystems promise to pay compensation to users who deliberately share their data for advertising purposes.
Thanks to the blockchain, the user will trust each other. This will improve the quality of targeting
In the end, we can say that blocking makes sense where you need a sense of confidence and reliability of the transaction. At the same time, judging by the number of emerging startups on the blockchain in this sphere, interest in technology is growing, and there are clear cases of the fact that the blockage can give real benefits.
Financial sector
The use of blockchain technology has made it possible to approach the issue of simplifying payments on a completely new level. Although at this stage of technology development there was a problem of scaling, a number of specialists are working on this problem. In any case, the blockchain has an undeniable advantage over traditional forms of payments, especially the main distinctive feature – decentralization. The possibility of making payments without an official regulator allows many people to freely transfer funds to their relatives in other countries. This topic is one of the main ones that came under scrutiny with the advent of the blockchain into the world of financial relations between people. It should also be understood that the leaders of large banks and financial institutions are not at all skeptical about the blockchain. They criticize bitcoin, because they understand the difference between blockboy and bitcoin, and they see that digital registries have much more possibilities.
Social networks, cloud storage and inheritance of digital information their significance in the life of each person.

It can be argued with great certainty that having a block as technology will bring them to the pain of a new level of social resource overshooting. Those principles and technologies that the company detaches before startups working in this promising direction will make it possible in the near future to make legacy accounts, and digital information, from mailboxes to cloud storage accessible after the owner’s departure, preventing the loss of priceless digital data. Many memories, responsible moments, and the most important events of our life we store in the photo and video records where the unique emotions are recorded. Our generic archives, which we transmit from generation to generation.
As our thoughts, secret utterances. We keep our whole life and want to catch as much time as possible, comparing the past with the present, looking at this prospect for the future. Not noticing at times, as between this all our whole life passes. We are the custodians of the memory of our relatives. In our hands, priceless information for the next generations.
The ability to uniquely identify with the help of blockchain technology and the formation of practically non-destructible and transparent databases opens up unlimited possibilities for humanity to analysis, perfection and development.

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