When on one stage act:
 The Ukrainian-American billionaire, the CEO of the start-up, the Doctor of Economic Sciences, the technical manager and the developer, have a fear that these people will not be able to find a common language.
 Everyone has their own beliefs and viewpoint, which leads to different ideas and actions.

 There was very hot at the meeting in the KPI, on issues of Blockchain and the crypto-currency, conducted by the student organization “OCA” (Open Student Association).

 The role of the skeptic was assumed by Natalia Semenchenko (leader of “OCA”), and Timur Shemsedinov (leader of
 Mark Ginzburg and Vladislav Galasyuk (Solidity Developer at confidently kept the blow.
Andrey Melanchik took the side of diplomacy, and tried to smooth out the angles of controversy.
From talking about the importance of Blockchain in the life of the state, to the moral aspects of speculating with crypto-currencies, the two-hour discussion flew by almost imperceptibly.

Several times the stern statements of experts caused a flurry of applause from grateful listeners. And judging by the questions from the audience, this topic really worried the students.

Especially were remembered vivid statements on political issues .
-Blockchain will help to defeat corruption! Mark Ginzburg is convinced.
-China has already decided this issue. Executions! answered Timur Shemsedinov.

Why do you think that the dollar is the currency of violence? – Natalia Semenchenko asked.
-Because it is backed up by the number of aircraft carriers that belong to the United States! Mark replied, tearing off another barrage of applause.

There were moments when the participants in the discussion did not agree on the wording, while adhering to similar views.
 So, discussing the issues of regulation, Mark and Natalia for a long time could not find a compromise in the question of who needs the integration of the crypto currency into the economy: Business or authorities.
And in almost all such disagreements, the truth was somewhere in the middle.
 Summarizing the results of the meeting, Natalia underlined:
-BlockChain and cryptocurrencies are not the same, where BlockChain has much more value, because the technology can exist separately from the cryptocurrencies, and there is no cryptocurrencies that are separated from the technology.
 BlockChain, despite all its attractiveness, is not at the moment the perfect technology, and for the development of the market there is still much to do.
The market will change many times before it assumes a stable form, but the fact that it will exist must be recognized as a fact.

In turn, Andrei Melanchik publicly announced that he, Timur Shemsedinov, Vlad Galasyuk and Mark Ginzburg, now unite not only one scene, but also their project Bank of Memories.

 Yes, Yes! Mark Ginzburg after the proposal made in Uman and a thorough analysis of the project, officially confirmed that he became an adviser to the Bank of Memories.
 Now technical details of interaction with the project are regulated.
 How do you like this news?

But this is only the very beginning of the journey!

PS: After the event, Mark Ginzburg and Andrei Melanchik were not allowed to leave the students for a long time, taking pictures and asking questions of interest to them.
 Not every day it turns out to communicate with the living billionaire from Forbes magazine, and apparently, Mark, having started public activity, gradually becomes a favorite of the public.