On 11-13 June, Keynote have delivered their seventh World Blockchain Forum with a new focus on security tokens and financial regulation, the first ever in New York. The conference is intended to provide detailed information with the revolutionary technology of blockchain and crypto-currencies. In addition, the industry leaders have determined their positions on the crypto-currency market.

WBF supports its 7-year ambitions to connect individuals and develop international relationships, giving sponsors a personal and rewarding experience long term. The focus is on Security Tokens and how the ICO reorganizes the landscape of financial investments.

Global Bank of Memories (Anna Molchanova) have joined the discussion together with visionary leaders, economic pioneers and enterprising investors from around the world.

With Blockchain and cryptocurrencies becoming more widely understood, securities still remain a black box for most people. WBF brought together speakers who are not only industry experts, but are also former Wall Street executives. Speakers provided information on how securities will form the crypto industry. Among them:

DIEGO GUTIERREZ – CEO & Co-founder, RSK Labs
HALSEY MINOR – Founder/Co-Founder CNET, Salesforce.com, Uphold, Live Planet CEO VideoCoin
SALIL DONDE – Chief Executive Officer, AlphaPoint
BRUCE FENTON – Founder & CEO, Chainstone Labs
GABRIEL ABED – Founder and Director at Bitt Inc.