March 27-28, two major events took place in Moscow, at which the Bank of Memories team was among the invited participants!
  The project “Bank of Memories” was presented by Vice President of the company, responsible for relations with investors Sergey Latansky.
The first event, the largest congress in Russia BLOCKCHAINF2018, was organized by the Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Blockchain (RACIB) and was held in the format of panel discussions and pitch sessions.
 The event was attended by representatives of major Chinese funds, as well as the leadership of the largest exchange Huobi.
 Sergey Latansky introduced the Bank of Memories company to Chinese investors in a closed meeting, and the concept of project development, as well as the level achieved, interested Chinese representatives.
 But one of the most important meetings was a meeting with Huobi’s Strategic Development Nanager Mr. Kailong Cai.
 This is a serious step towards placing tokens on the world’s largest exchanges. In addition, Mr. Cai spoke privately about some of the legal and strategic nuances of placing tokens and further market-making.

The second event, CRYPTOEVENT 2018, was held on the initiative of DeCenter.
This is one of the largest Russian community of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with more than 100,000 experts, developers, investors and enthusiasts.
The “Bank of Memories” project received a high expert assessment, and also managed to communicate with leading Russian experts.
As a result of these days, we received expert evaluation and recommendations for correcting some technical details of the project.
Direct negotiations were held with the largest Chinese stock exchange.
The company is represented to large investors, and is currently under consideration in China.
We do everything to make the company go to the goal.
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