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We were supported by Shariq Hashmi (Ecosystem Lisk, Ambassador) from Dubai!


Our project “Bank of Memories” enlists the support of more and more influential and well-known in the “crypt-world” people.

This time we were supported by Shariq Hashmi (Ecosystem Lisk, Ambassador) from Dubai!

This is the ambassador of the company “Lisk”, which is now considered by some to be the main competitor of Ethereum.

Lisk (LSK) is a crypto currency and a platform for decentralized applications. To date, Lisk is in TOP-10 of the world’s best crypto currency!

Since then, Shariq Hashmi is our adviser and he can provide consulting concerning investing in our project.

Support from people of such level is a powerful factor in the development of the project and another additional guarantee of return on investment for our investors!

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GBM will take a part in the international Global Silk Road Forum in Astana.


More than 1,600 participants from 51 countries will learn about our global project! The forum is timed not only for the 20th anniversary of the Kazakhstan capital, but also for the 5th anniversary of the “One Belt – One Way” project. The event will be held on July 2-3 and is organized by Astana akimat, G-Global International Secretariat and International Financial Center “Astana”.

In the Bank of Memories project, a new Adviser has appeared!


This is Olga Redzyuk, the head of the company “OLEROM Consulting”.

To date, the company covers three segments of the market: open training, corporate training and consulting, as well as large-scale business events with the participation of the world’s leading experts in its field. More than 15,000 visitors visited the open events, 46 trainers were involved in the work of the company, and training programs are conducted throughout Ukraine and abroad.



20-21 FEBRUARY in Moscow will be another large-scale event for the crypto community – CONGRESS “BLOCKCHAIN-RF 2018”.
This event will be visited and will be actively participated by the team of Bank of Memories!

Climbing v.22.27


We, like all innovators who create something new, uniquely unifying concepts and absolutely different directions, create a new ecosystem.

Closed meeting for venture investors of the company GLOBAL BANK OF MEMORIES


February 10, 2018 in Kiev will be a closed meeting for venture investors of the company GLOBAL BANK OF MEMORIES.

At the meeting you will learn about the intricacies that will allow you to optimize investment portfolios in IT and crypto-currency services.

Hello, dear friends!


So we are approaching the last month in this difficult, but very promising and progressive year!

We, as well as the whole of mankind, observe and experience the period of the formation of a new financial system of interactions between people, expressed in the crypto-currency.

Blockchain as a technology, becomes an integral part of every person’s life, and as a simplification – facilitates work with finance in general and specifically with the increase of capital.

Our model of transfer of financial equivalents implies stable transfers with minimal, and sometimes zero fee for the operation. Concern of the comfort and convenience of our users is our top priority.

Congratulations on the beginning of the pre-New Year holidays.

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99% said “Yes”!


Our company “Bank of Memories” organized a survey of potential customers of the mobile application.

The purpose of the survey was to determine whether people are interested in our product and how they can apply it in their lives. The number of respondents reaches several thousand around the world! As a result, 99% of people were interested in our application and confirmed that they would be happy to use it. As it was in Beijing , the capital of China, you can see in the video:

Such results contribute to our speedy development and motivate us, because realising that our product is in demand is very valuable to us!

In addition, investing in our project is profitable, especially for those who will have time before the rapid growth of coin prices!

Bank of Memories team presented their project as part of the most extensive event CryptoBazar among all held in Dubai


September 27, at Rixos Premium Hotel there was a gathering of 200 interested in blockchain and more than 1000 participants of online livestream and there were appearances of experts from TOP-20 blockchain projects: Ethereum, LISK, TenX and others, and also of promising pre-selected startups.



On August 19 in Kyiv the presentation of the project Bank of Memories, preparing for Pre-ICO will take place.

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