February 10, 2018 in Kiev will be a closed meeting for venture investors of the company GLOBAL BANK OF MEMORIES.

At the meeting you will learn about the intricacies that will allow you to optimize investment portfolios in IT and crypto-currency services.

The presentation of the GLOBAL BANK OF MEMORIES project will include:
Investment project development plan
Technical Development Plan
Marketing strategy
Discussion of the prospects and risks of the project

And the most important thing! You will get a unique opportunity not just to invest in effective financial instruments, but also to acquire the share of the project company that enters the world market and is already recognized by the world crypto community.

We put up for sale a stake of 5% of the company – $ 1’000’000
The minimum share: 0.0625% – $ 12’500
We assume that after 8 years the same 5% in the company
will cost from $ 250’000’000.

On what our confidence is based, you can hear, having spent only 3 hours of your time this Saturday.

To register for the event and learn more about the organizers and the program, go to the website: http://gbm-event.date/

The event will be held on February 10 in Kiev,
IQ Business Center. Address: st. Bolsunovsky, 13-15. The beginning: at 12:00.

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