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Evangelist Blockchain — Innovator Mark Ginsburg


Mark Ginzburg – a former electrical engineer of the Kiev Plant named after Artem – after the Chernobyl disaster left for the US, where he worked as a taxi driver and studied for a lawyer. There he opened a law practice. At some point he wanted to return to Ukraine. He founded an investment and construction holding company and began to live in two countries, calling himself, first of all, a Ukrainian businessman.

In the technological world, Ginzburg became famous for the exemplary transaction of buying and selling real estate using full-cycle blockchain technology and a smart contract. Thus, he sold a small apartment in Kiev to another billionaire and the founder of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington.

After that it became known that the businessman is interested not only in real estate. For more than 5 years he has been studying blockchain technology, professionally dealing with crypto-currencies and investing in start-ups, one of which won the Kyiv Smart City contest.

What now with the apartment you sold for the Etherium?
( September 25, 2017 in Ukraine there was a deal that instantly became legendary and bypassed all the world’s media – for the first time in the world for a crypto currency was sold a property using a full cycle of technology blockchain and a smart contract. It was specially noted that the buyer was the famous Michael Arrington, creator of TechCrunch, billionaire, one of the idols of Silicon Valley ).
Michael Arrington thought about buying a company in Ukraine, which would work on outsourcing, and this apartment was supposed to become the so-called “passing banner.”
After all, in such companies there are many programmers who come to Kiev and rent a house. And once a quarter, for example, there will be a contest “Best in the profession” and the next three months one of them will live in the apartment of Michael Arrington himself.
I am very proud that the apartment was sold exactly in Ukraine. Because the world resonance that accompanied this event formed an exclusively positive image of our country in the eyes of the world community of blockchain and crypto currency enthusiasts.
Now this community thinks that Ukraine is the country of the victorious blockchain, that it has firmly set foot on the way of introducing the technology of blockades into all spheres of state life, and this way is wide and bright and only forward and upward. But we understand that this is not so. There is still so much work to do to make these illusions a reality.In the fall, everyone was talking about the introduction of a blockchain into the Land Cadastre. In your opinion, how much time will it take?
Everything depends on the desire of the authorities and on our citizenship with you.
The technology is flawless; all the algorithms of the process are understandable and successfully tested by several countries. The need of the society and the interest of each individual citizen in obtaining an unfounded title to land – there is no doubt. The main problem arises in the resistance of the bureaucratic apparatus, deprived of power and corruption opportunities.
The method of this resistance is well developed. At the level of the declarations, everything is positive and progressive, and then profile committees, commissions, then – subcommissions are created and the problem starts to blunder. And although I am skeptical of the authorities’ intentions to actually implement such a dangerous blockade for them, but in this case they will not be able to stop them.
We will not appeal to the conscience of officials and ask them to turn their faces to progress. Technology will change everything and remove them from the scene, just as Internet technology has made senseless the existence of censors.

What are the following areas, in which the first thing you need is blockchain ?
Now in parallel with the Land Cadastre is working with the State Register of Property Rights for Real Estate. The most important sphere is government procurement. Today, blockchain technology is the driver of changes in a number of industries. But let’s not allow the scale to destroy the specifics. Let’s bring to the end such obvious and easily verifiable – registers of ownership and public procurement. And how much richer and freer will each of us and the country as a whole become!

Do we need blockchain for elections?
Of course yes! And be sure to.
Everything that we are talking about is part of e-government, e-government. Having passed this stage, we will face a we-government – direct management.
Those who have children today will not be able to explain to them in 12 years what a people’s deputy is. Before the emigration, I worked as an engineer in a large production association and now I’m not even trying to explain to my 12-year-old son why the chief production officer was not the chief engineer or chief technologist, but the secretary of the party committee, which had more power than the CEO. Also your children will not understand who such a people’s deputy is, why did we delegate our powers to half a thousand not the most intelligent and educated fellow citizens?
Looking at the current teenagers, I do not know what to do to get them to come to the polls soon. To defend the queue, fill in some papers, cross out something … But if the smartphone will have the appropriate applications that identify his identity and will need to just touch the screen against the name of the candidate, full information about which will be in the same applications – I think on it is he who agrees.

Most of the bitcoin prophecies say that bitcoin will grow, and altcoyins will gradually disappear. What are your predictions?
I also think that bitcoin will grow. I do not trade crypto currency, and basically refrain from any predictions of the course. In January, at the height of the dramatic fall in the rate of crypto currency, I made a comment that typed more than 2.5 million clicks on the Internet, that bitcoin in March will cost 25 thousand dollars. My goal was to warn readers against the hasty sale of bitcoin, fixing significant losses. I wanted to explain that what is happening is not a failure, but just a correction of the market and soon the rate will sharply go up.
As for bitcoin, today it has already become a household name, a synonym for crypto currency. In comparison with any kind of altcoins, it has the maximum number of “users”, including the largest financial institutions, as well as technology, confirmed by a 9-year experience of being on the market. This is a fully decentralized currency, excluding the influence of any third parties, except for entities that make payment and receive it. No intervention by the state, devaluing the currency by means of emissions! Only the queen of sciences – mathematics.
Over the past 20 years, we often came across the fact that the pioneers of technological breakthroughs left the stage, paving the way for others. Google was not the first search engine and iTunes was not the first online store. Most of the “pioneers” who laid the foundations of new technologies and were unconditional leaders in the 90s did not survive to this day, except perhaps Amazon and eBay. Such is the fate of the “pioneers” – to brighten up brightly, pointing the way to many, and to leave, remaining in the annals of history. If bitcoin does not repeat their fate, then everything will be cool.
As for the altcoins, then, basically, these are speculative mechanisms, although some of them have original algorithms, correct innovations, interesting platforms. Today there are several thousand on the market, and new ones are appearing every minute. Only a few, the top of them will take their place in the crypto-currency market, the rest will last a very short time.

If not a secret, what is your crypto portfolio?
There are Monero, Z-cash … But, in fact, I believe in bitcoin and love the etherium. I have already formed relations with him, it was for this currency that I sold the “historic” apartment in September, and since then it has grown 4-fold.

I and my team form portfolios, but this process is very dynamic and purely professional, requiring constant monitoring of technological, financial and even political aspects of the market in all their interaction. You need to track around the clock, respond instantly. This is a superqualified game and we play it with pleasure.

They say that “Israel is a country of start-ups”. Does Ukraine have a chance to become a new Israel?
The Bible is a philosophical concept, according to which, for example, when I get to Heaven and appear before the Most High, he will not ask me: “Mark, why were not you Abraham or Moses?” He will ask me: “Mark, why are you was not Mark? “.
Therefore, answering your question, I will say that Ukraine does not need to become a new Israel. Ukraine should become Ukraine! Realizing its intellectual and educational resource, releasing the enormous creative potential of millions of its children.
Israel’s success in new technologies and innovative start-ups is truly staggering. Start-ups in Israel are 72% of the startups in the Silicon Valley. Of the 14 start-ups that have collected more than $ 1 billion in the past 3 years, 9 are Israeli. But I am convinced that if we carry out a thorough analysis of the biographies of these successful Israelis, then a significant part of them will be with Ukrainian roots.

You also invest in start-ups. In which?
Today I finance two dozen projects and everything in the field of IT. A number of them are already at the final stage, two or three will soon sound to the whole world. One of them – the mobile payment system FishPay recently won the city contest Kyiv Smart City.
Originally conceived as a mobile banking application, it was transformed into a unique financial social network in the process of development. A beta version has already been released, which can be downloaded from the AppStore. When making any payments, you will not need to keep the numbers of credit cards, accounts and other bank rudiments in your memory. Soon all digital projects in Kiev will be implemented on the FishPay platform. Now the work on the Android version is coming to an end.

In which areas in IT do you invest?
Education, health and my most favorite subject is artificial intelligence. At the summit of Sir Richard Branson. where I was lucky to visit, I made friends with several leaders of this direction. I can safely say that now it is no longer worth talking about the struggle for the introduction of artificial intelligence, it is much more appropriate to discuss the struggle with the intellect itself.
Mankind is concerned about the issues of climate change, global warming, ozone holes and other nonsense that will affect us in several generations. But artificial intelligence will radically change the life of each of us.
In the next 10-15 years, 75% of current professions will go into oblivion. For the first time in the history of mankind labor from duty, as it was a long time ago, and from a sacred duty, as it was recently, will become a privilege.

What professions will go, and which ones will remain?
The main asset of all companies will not be people, but digital platforms. And then mobile applications will die and they will be replaced by chat bots.
Notaries, realtors and other specialists performing intermediary functions will completely disappear. Of the 100 lawyers, there will be 10 particularly sophisticated court lawyers. Mobile applications that form a smart contract will provide each with legal support.
80% of the average medical personnel will leave. Having scanned the iris of the eye. Your phone will get 19 parameters for diagnosis, by touching the language to a specific screen square, you will provide it with 32 more parameters. A special application will transfer this to the diagnostic center and residents of the most remote villages will have the opportunity to use diagnostics and round-the-clock monitoring of the best doctors from around the world.
After 15 years, taxi drivers and public transport will completely disappear, driving license will become a rarity. Already, the once-honored and massive profession of trucker in America goes into oblivion.
All the world’s leading automakers are working on the creation of their unmanned vehicles – accidents and deaths are reduced by a factor of 100, because robots do not get tired or lick.
And the design of such a car will be quite different – one wide sofa. Today for a young man lost time is time without a phone, tablet, computer. Give him the above devices in combination with a comfortable sofa – and he can comfortably work, study, communicate, relax during the trip. And then what difference does it make how long it lasts? People will leave dusty, noisy cities and move to the suburbs.

What to do for those who could not re-qualify?
There will be a social responsibility of big business, which will save significant funds as a result of robotization and quantum computerization.
Owners of factories, where 20 thousand people worked, and now 300, being rid of the need to pay salaries, overtime, sick leave, sick leave, will pay their monthly maintenance.
These processes have already become a reality, especially in the banking sector. For example, in 2016, 59,000 people worked in the back office of the Savings Bank of Russia, 12,000 in 2017, 8,000 left in this year, and only 1,000 in 2 years. The prospects of accountants are particularly damning. In 2016, there were 33,000 in the same bank, in 3,000 in 2017, and only 500 in the end of this year. All this is the result of automation.
People are already preparing for a new life. If earlier on 20 TV channels there were a couple of entertaining and political shows a week, now every day there are 3 shows and 5 serials on each of 50 channels. People will sit at home and watch TV, absorbing food printed on a 3D printer in the next room. Tired of the monotony, closed apartment space, they will wear virtual reality helmets for a “walk” around Paris and “visiting” the Brazilian carnival.

Share your secrets of success?
Daily work, the thirst for knowledge, the setting of large-scale goals, the creativity of dreams.

What will you advise for investors wishing to invest in crypto currency?
Remember that hackers’ qualifications are extremely high and constantly improved – they can crack any protection of any crypto-exchange. Do not keep your currency online. Immediately after purchase go to offline. I always do this.
Follow the golden rule of the investor – invest only those amounts that you a priori are psychologically ready to lose.
In any case, do not attempt on my mother’s apartment and do not take loans to invest in the crypt, even in the best.

Count the annual family budget taking into account summer holidays for children and gifts to your wife on February 14 and March 8, add to this amount 30% and if something remains – you can buy crypto currency.