Recently there were two grandiose events, which the Global Bank of Memories project visited. And only now it turned out to sum up and evaluate the results.
So, let us start!

In Astana the Forum of Mayors of the cities of the countries of the Silk Road “Global silk road” passed.

The forum was attended by mayors, governors of the Silk Road countries, leading experts, business leaders, TNCs, world media, development institutions and public organizations.
The Forum was hosted by companies that offer opportunities for a wider audience of more than 1 billion viewers, and this is an excellent opportunity to expand business, attract investment, as well as to expand scientific and technical cooperation from Lisbon to Shanghai!
Just to say that a lot of useful meetings, acquaintances and presentations of the project were conducted, means to say nothing!

David Chen (Angelvest) was the first person with whom Andrey Melanchik, CEO Bank of Memories managed to hold a 5-minute presentation of the Global Bank of Memories.
After this, a series of presentations took place, and it was capacious, informative and effective! Private investors, representatives of funds, Mayors of cities… There were total of about 20 presentations, which in most cases had to be conducted on the initiative of the listeners themselves!
The effect of word of mouth has worked. In total, after the first two presentations, a backstage discussion began, which sparked a genuine interest in the project. Melanchik Andrey and Adviser Yuri Snigur had to answer a lot of questions that literally fell on them.

How do you plan to cover the Asian market?
How can the application be integrated with existing databases of government agencies, such as medical facilities and various registries?
Are you planning to connect a payment gateway?
How can the platform create a single base of relatives who are on different continents and begin to lose their ancestral identification?
And many other questions 🙂

As a result, more than 100 key representatives of various financial structures, city measures …

Second Estate

The most interesting and important thing for the Global Bank of Memories project was on ASTANS FINANCE DAYS. Why? The fact is that the level of invited speakers and the opportunities that were opened before the participants of this conference are simply enormous!
We will not list everyone, just look at the link to the program:
We managed to conduct 22 personal project presentations, and exchange contacts with key people of this event. Note that these people are almost impossible to get a personal business card, if they are not personally interested.
Many of them expressed interest in the project and a willingness to cooperate!
Among those to whom we presented the project were:
Hani Salim Sonbol
Chairman of the International Islamic Corporation for Trade Finance
Hayat Cindy
Adviser to the President of the IDB Group on Science, Technology and Innovation
Sabin Salim
Chairman of the Board of the Islamic International Rating Agency
Michael Ryan
Chairman of the Committee for the Regulation of the Financial Center of Qatar
Gary Kamkin
Managing Director for External Relations and Strategic Affairs TheCityUK
Ahmed Bin Sulayem
Chairman of the Dubai Commodity and Raw Materials Center
Herman Gref
President of Sberbank of Russia
Sheikh Bilal Khan
Member of the International Expert Council on Islamic Finance under IFAC
And this is not a complete list …

If we sum up, we can say the following. The geography of the recognition of the project has expanded to a global scale.
Several dozen funds and financial groups after personal presentation requested for consideration the project, which significantly accelerates the promotion to the world market.
Financial consultations of high-level specialists have been received, which are not available at profile conferences on Blockchain. We are not just more recognizable, experienced and in demand, we are entering a new level of interaction with our future consumers.
Be with us!