This is Olga Redzyuk, the head of the company “OLEROM Consulting”.

To date, the company covers three segments of the market: open training, corporate training and consulting, as well as large-scale business events with the participation of the world’s leading experts in its field. More than 15,000 visitors visited the open events, 46 trainers were involved in the work of the company, and training programs are conducted throughout Ukraine and abroad.
Olga is a successful businessman who knows firsthand what is necessary to achieve real success. In addition to her own achievements, Olga often communicated with the most famous business coaches and just businessmen of our time.
This is an invaluable experience that is practically inaccessible to an ordinary person.
“OLEROM Consulting” made a breakthrough in the training market and entered the global level from the narrow corporate segment, having performed in 2013 as co-organizer of the Forum One European Forum in Vilnius. Then in April 2015 they themselves organized in Kiev “Forum One Ukraine” with the participation of the British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, as well as Eugene Chichvarkin, John Von Aiken, Frederic Haren, Gabor Bert and Ben Sanders.In May 2016, for the first time in Ukraine, the company brought Nick Vuychich, a well-known motivator, who gathered more than 10,000 people for his performance.

Undoubtedly, Olga’s experience will be very useful for the development of the Bank of Memories project. Understanding of business processes, experience in conducting pr-campaigns are important factors in progress in the current market. The market is very variable, and not been a professional, it is not easy to achieve the right results.
It is important to note that Olga studied our project, saw in it huge prospects, and from the professional’s point of view gave her high assessment and expressed her desire to participate in the project as an adviser in order to provide the most effective support for the project.
That’s why the company’s experience, success, personal acquaintance with the world’s business trainers, and other factors of Olga’s success will undoubtedly help in the promotion of the Bank of Memories project!