The project “Bank of Memories” confidently goes to the goal: Trough China – Kiev – Moscow – Dubai – Moscow. And an incredible turn of the fate of the project in Uman!
After a visit to Shenzhen (China), the «ICO-Auditor» in Kiev, the winning the 2nd place at the «Crypto Bazaar» in Moscow (Russia), the «ICO Battle» in Dubai (UAE), no one could have imagined that Uman, the hometown of CEO “Bank of Memories “Andrey, would be able to play such an important role in the destiny of the project.

February 20, 2018 in Uman, with the support of the charitable foundation «Uman Tomorrow», Alexandra Fainina and MP Maxim Polyakov, was made by the most influential Ukrainian in the world of crypto community Mark Ginzburg – the first crypto evangelist who sold real estate for crypto currency using a full cycle of blockchain and the smart-contract of the Etherium.
The project team understood that getting acquainted with the Business Angel would be an important step in the development of the project, did not wait for their joint performance on the same stage in the KPI on March 1, 2013.
When they considered the arrival of the billionaire in his hometown as a sign of destiny, they came to the event.
We understood how difficult it is to present the project to the billionaire with his busy schedule and many people willing to get acquainted with the famous Ukrainian. But the Native Land accompanied the task, and we fulfilled it at 100%.
After the end of the conference, they outlined the concept of the project in brief form, had interested the billionaire and offered to become an adviser of the project.
The second stage of the negotiations will take place on 1.03.2018, after the Crypto Evangelist and Business Angel Mark Ginzburg and CEO of the Global Bank of Memories project Andrey Melanchik will take part in the panel discussion “Blockchain or Not Blockchain” in the KPI.
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