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Why is it worth investing in the “Bank of Memories” project?


Our product is a mobile application that allows you to merge families into a genealogical tree, store valuable information for yourself and pass it on to your family. When investing in our project, you will have the opportunity to multiply your investments at least 3 times. And, you can invest any sum from $100!

Why do we consider our project is promising:

1. 99% of the respondents around the world said they would use our application.
2. The application will send an important information to you anywhere in the world, to any addressee and at any time (at least 50 years in advance!).
3. Our application will store the selected, really valuable information for you in any form (audio, video content, image, files).
4. In the application will be available multi-currency purse, with which you can use and exchange in the system crypto and fiat money.
5. The mobile application is developed on the basis of blocking technology, which will make it possible for investors and users to earn money.
6. Our young project already has representative offices around the world and their number will grow.
7. We were interested in the world community and believed in the prospects of our project.

The increase in the price of our coin is guaranteed! The opportunity to earn more will be for those who join us in the early stages of investing!

99% said “Yes”!


Our company “Bank of Memories” organized a survey of potential customers of the mobile application.

The purpose of the survey was to determine whether people are interested in our product and how they can apply it in their lives. The number of respondents reaches several thousand around the world! As a result, 99% of people were interested in our application and confirmed that they would be happy to use it. As it was in Beijing , the capital of China, you can see in the video:

Such results contribute to our speedy development and motivate us, because realising that our product is in demand is very valuable to us!

In addition, investing in our project is profitable, especially for those who will have time before the rapid growth of coin prices!

We are opening an office in China!


The company “Bank of Memories” – a revolutionary start-up, mobile application with the function of the genealogical tree, which allows you to send emotions to the future, develops with incredible speed! Even before the project was founded, many people believed and supported our idea. And today we are recognized in many world communities and in every way contribute to our development.

The number of our representative offices around the world is growing and the last great achievement, we consider opening a representative office in China!

These are new opportunities and prospects:

– a significant increase in the number of potential customers;
– the benefit from investing in our project increases at times;
– Guaranteed growth of the coin price.

This is our next, but not the last victory. Follow our updates!




Dear friends!

First of all, we want to congratulate early investors on the acquisition of BMC tokens at the Pre-Sale stage.
Due to the fact that most of the tokens were purchased by large investors, the number of participants in the future beta testing turned out to be less than planned, we decided to see the promotion, in order to increase the Beta-testing participants.

“Bank of memories” is carrying out an promotion in order to popularize the BMC token, as well as attracting early investors to promote the “Bank of Memories” project.
The beginning of the promotion: 01.11.2017

End of promotion: 19/11/2017


  • To give the first investors the opportunity to use the service for free using promotional tokens.
  • To attract primary investors to actively test the project and popularize the service.

Implementation mechanism

When buying tokens through the official website of the project:


from 12.00 on Nov. 20, 2017 (the beginning of the ICO) to 12.00 on Nov. 21, 2016 at price $ 50 and above, get a bonus of 777 tokens (equivalent to $ 58).
The quantity of promotional tokens are limited to 25,000,000 BMC (equivalent to $ 1,875,000)
The bonus tokens will be charged on 21.11.2017.

Terms of participation in the promotion:

To purchase a coin, you have to register in the cabinet at the official site
and fill out a form for participation in the promotion.

You have to fill out:

1. Your e-mail
2. Ethereum wallet, from which the purchase will be made and bonuses will be credited (to identify the participant).


The number of promotional tokens is limited.
In case of receiving a notice of refusal when you have submitted an application for the purchase of auction tokens, this means that the reserve of auction tokens is exhausted.

You have the opportunity to purchase tokens on a general basis during the ICO.

Technical solution which underlies the application Bank of Memories is recognized by international experts.


Bank of Memory Company congratulates the head of department Yuri Melashchenko, who is also the head of Security Service Group, and whose technical solution underlies our service.

September 29, Yuri delivered a pitch as part of the selection for passing the acceleration program for cyber security startups and headed the list!

Bank of Memories team presented their project as part of the most extensive event CryptoBazar among all held in Dubai


September 27, at Rixos Premium Hotel there was a gathering of 200 interested in blockchain and more than 1000 participants of online livestream and there were appearances of experts from TOP-20 blockchain projects: Ethereum, LISK, TenX and others, and also of promising pre-selected startups.

According to the results of pitch-session II CryptoBazar Pre-ICO Day investors recognized Bank of Memories as one of the best projects realized on the base of blockchain technology


September 21, in Moscow at well-known metropolitan venue Izvestiya Hall a major blockchain conference II CryptoBazar Pre-ICO Day was held, during which the Top-11 of best projects, ready for ICO, appeared in front of investors.


On September 6, the team of Bank of Memories, led by Andrei Melanchik, took part in the ICO Revizor project.



Recently people began their living by the emotions of others. They spend most of their lifetime in social networks, examining the accounts of friends, acquaintances or even the unknown people. Unfortunately, all of our memories, emotions we put into the news feed of social networks and that is all done. Although, we have to share our personal emotions and experience also with close and beloved ones. We have forgotten a main truth, “happiness loves silence”. And it is not absolutely necessary to put all life events in the network, only in order to free up space on your PC or smartphone.


businessman hand show 3d mobile phone with padlock as Internet security online business concept

There are plenty of articles and recommendations, where detailed step-by-step actions are presented in order to protect your device and the data on it from hacker actions.

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