The Bank of Memories project has an important news!

We have an official representative office in the USA!

The representative company’s interests will be Advisory Firm “ITgers” Corp., NYC, USA

This is an important step in the development of our project. It should be considered that the US legislation is very scrupulous about the projects undergoing ICO, and not every project can be represented in USA.

Our Company “Bank of Memories LLC” was audited by American lawyers, and received approval. What does this mean for the project?

This makes it possible to attract large capitals for the development of the project and the development of additional high-tech products. Legalization in the US is a decisive factor in making decisions on the allocation of capital and investment for large investors and funds.

Thus, the concept of the company and the product itself are attractive not only for private investors, but also for large US funds.
The prospect of the project development is already a fact, which means that the tokens are in demand as an integral part of the project, as well as the possibility for the company to be represented at the world markets and exchanges.

 Congratulations to all investors who believed in the project and had time to purchase a token in the early stages of sales!
We change the world by using our ideas, your trust at the project and the opportunity to bring all people together into one big family!

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