Our project “Bank of Memories” enlists the support of more and more influential and well-known in the “crypt-world” people.

This time we were supported by Shariq Hashmi (Ecosystem Lisk, Ambassador) from Dubai!

This is the ambassador of the company “Lisk”, which is now considered by some to be the main competitor of Ethereum.

Lisk (LSK) is a crypto currency and a platform for decentralized applications. To date, Lisk is in TOP-10 of the world’s best crypto currency!

Since then, Shariq Hashmi is our adviser and he can provide consulting concerning investing in our project.

Support from people of such level is a powerful factor in the development of the project and another additional guarantee of return on investment for our investors!

Hurry up to get BMC tokens at a good price of $0.075.  The amount is limited, the next round is $0.1

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