Our product is a mobile application that allows you to merge families into a genealogical tree, store valuable information for yourself and pass it on to your family. When investing in our project, you will have the opportunity to multiply your investments at least 3 times. And, you can invest any sum from $100!

Why do we consider our project is promising:

1. 99% of the respondents around the world said they would use our application.
2. The application will send an important information to you anywhere in the world, to any addressee and at any time (at least 50 years in advance!).
3. Our application will store the selected, really valuable information for you in any form (audio, video content, image, files).
4. In the application will be available multi-currency purse, with which you can use and exchange in the system crypto and fiat money.
5. The mobile application is developed on the basis of blocking technology, which will make it possible for investors and users to earn money.
6. Our young project already has representative offices around the world and their number will grow.
7. We were interested in the world community and believed in the prospects of our project.

The increase in the price of our coin is guaranteed! The opportunity to earn more will be for those who join us in the early stages of investing!

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